Delirium Discovery Gift Pack

Delirium Discovery Gift Pack
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All the tasty delirium's in ONE gift pack! With the unique Delirium Glass. 
Who can say no to that? 

- Delirium Tremens
   Created in 1989 - Blond - 8,5%alc

- Delirium Nocturnum
   Created in 1999 - Dark - 8,5%alc

- Delirium Red
    Created in 2010 - Red fruit flavoured - 8%alc

- Delirium Argentum 
    Created in 2014 ( 25years of Delirium ) - Amber, Belgium IPA - 7%Alc

PS: It's the perfect gift

Ons vakmanschap drink je met verstand.
Notre savoir-faire se déguste avec sagesse.
To be consumed with care

 Exclusively available: in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany