Delirium Black GIFTBOX

Delirium Black GIFTBOX
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In this giftbox you'll find

- 1 x Delirium Black Barrel aged
- 1 x 15cl Delirium Tasting glass

Delirium Black, Barrel aged beer, is a blend of Delirium Nocturnum and Delirium Christmas. Amber beer matured in oak bourbon barrels for 9 months

You'll find hints of vanilla, alcohol, spicy
With a taste of caramel, bourbon, vanilla, a hint of almond

Best served in the company of friends, family and our brewers.
Take out of the fridge 15min before serving. Enjoy

Ons vakmanschap drink je met verstand.
Notre savoir-faire se déguste avec sagesse.
To be consumed with care
11,5% Alc.

 Exclusively available: Europe