About us

Huyghe Brewery

Brewery Huyghe is an independent Belgium family brewery (since 1654, 4 th generation) and wants to be the most sustainable brewery of specialty beers (Delirium, La Guillotine, Averbode, …) in Belgium. The brewery wants to be ready for the next generation.

The brewery is working around the 5 P's :

  • Planet: During the last 5 years, the brewery invested in a completely new production unit (brewhouse, filtration, bottling, water purification, cooling, …). Due to this investements, we need 12% less ingredients, 35% electricity, 60% steam and 45% water. We also have 70% less non-recyclable waste..
  • Profit/prosperity: Due to investments and better organization, we have less odor from the brewery, less air emissions (natural gas instead of heavy fuel), better mobility around the brewery, …..
  • Partnerships: External communications by newsletters and a yearly info event in the brewery for neighbors. There are constantly 18 handicapped persons (protected warehouse) in the brewery for the packaging off bottles in cartons. We have a brotherhood of the pink elephant. The brewery gives financial support to Habbekrats (for young people with problems). The brewery also has fairtrade beers (Mongozo) that are also organic and gluten-free.
  • People: Due to the investments, ergonomics for the employees in the brewery became much better. The brewery gives all the employees a yearly education or more if they need that.
  • Peace: We are a member of the VOKA milieucharter, so the brewery has to do each year 4 improvements on environmental cases. The brewery makes a lot of communication around sustainability (nominations, trophy of VOKA ambassador sustainability 2016 region Gent, …). Together with the Belgian Brewers we support the BOB campagne in Belgium.